October 21, 2021

Our Story

Niko and Allison first met and began talking using OKCupid in 2017. Allison was initially unsure if she was ready to be in a serious relationship at the time, as she was going through a breakup and a very high-stress work situation, but Niko was so easy to talk to, and she found herself wanting to spend more and more time with him. Niko was understanding of Allison's situation, and was very patient as she tried to figure out what she wanted. As it turned out, it was impossible for her to not fall in love with him. Within their first year of dating, they took a cruise to Alaska, adopted a dog, and bought a house together. A few years later, Niko popped the question (maybe after some not-very-subtle nudges from Allison), and they are now looking forward to married life.

Meet The Bride

Allison is an artist-turned-web developer with a huge love of animals. She has more hobbies than she has time for, so she always has a long list of things to do. She has a deep love of fantasy which further fuels her art. It also seems she has a real-life super power, managing to always find the best animals to add to their family. Allison is often shadowed by the newest addition, Pumpkin Spice the tortie cat.

Meet The Groom

Niko is a tech and automation fanatic who takes great pride in his beard. He works with networks, builds systems, and is a high ranking member in Luke's (their golden retriever mix) fan club. Weekend mornings he can frequently be found with Luke tucked in with him under the blanket. Niko is also a director at the local maker space, and has a hevy interest in all things outer space. Oh, and he can cook too!